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Past Events
One thousand years ago, there was a child belonging to one of the very wealthy and powerful families of the Estrasia-vers. That child was gifted with super powers, though at the time, powers not being accepted as widely as modern day, they were forced to hide their abilities from the world.

One day, when they decided enough was enough, they ran away to the only safe haven they'd hear of, the Floating Island. When people first made the island, there was nothing, just a few buildings on either side of the island for housing(which would later become Goldoa and Estrasia Academy), but none the less, the child felt safe there, and accepted.

When the family learned of their child's disappearance though, they were not pleased, and swore they would fight to get their child back from the devils that possessed super human abilities. At first, fights were small, but as time went on, more of the rich families of the world joined in, picking sides, and it became a full scale war. The main family that ended up supporting the side of the super powered people, were the Estrasia's, eventually lending their name to the school that would be built on the grounds where their headquarters were.

The fighting and war went on for 10 years, and many people died, but in the end, the Estrasia's came out victorious. They allowed one survivor of the conflict, the father of the child who ran away. Siunce he had started it all, he was locked in Elemar's tower as punishment, a place the opposing side had formerly used as a sniper point. Cruel irony really.

When bodies were buried they were put at two separate sites. The Estrasia's side were buried in the Day Wood, one collective tombstone to signify their nobel lives, while the opposition was buried beside a mine which at the time was being harvested from to build a crystal city. As even more of an irony, the burial site of those considered to be the bad side, was named Estrasia's Field, and later on when crystals became to grow from the grounds there, they were renamed the Estrasia Ruins.

In the years following, the Floating Island was gifted with a great many things from the fallen spirits of the Estrasia soldiers. Foremost, they were give a fountain in the middle of the island's biggest city, Goldoa, that contained water, that would slow the process of ageing. For those who were up to the challenge, they also connected that fountain to a patch of trees in a far off desert, where the water was concentrated into fruit, and gave the consumer immortality.

Current Events
The spirits of the evil people buried at the Estrasia Ruins decide they are unhappy with their defeat one thousand years ago. Thus, they begin to collect mana slowly by enchanting the crystals at the ruin so people will want to hold onto them, and suck their mana away via the crystals. Their ultimate goal with the mana they collect is to be able to make themselves new physical forms. When they decide the crystal method is too slow, they begin taking mana from the island itself, causing it to fall from the air.

Plot Events
The island begins to fall slowly from the sky
Part of the island falls off
The island stops falling, but people across the island feel a decrease in power

The Run Away's spirit from Day Wood begin to interact with the people at the school(NPC – informing students and staff of a war that started because of a run away child from a noble family)
Principal NPC steps in and explains that the island is falling due to a lack of mana holding it up, but “it's being dealt with!”, also explains that the reason nobody was allowed to leave was because they suspected a student for a long while.
Elemar's tower falls over and the spirit of the person who started everything causes trouble in the school(fire, holes in walls etc.etc.)
The Run Away appears again for questioning about the new spirit, who is informs has been shut away by the spirits of the Day Wood.
By now reasons and events of the war should be known.
The island falls once more, by a big amount.
A few weeks later, a army of spirits with physical forms attack the school, dead set on winning.
The students and teacher's must fight so that the mana being used by the spirits can be restored to hold up the island.
[I was thinking we give a rough estimate of numbers and do this as each character saying what happens to them, how many they kill etc.etc. And they have the choice to play it out or not.]
The island slowly begins to rise as mana is restored and either new plot starts or life goes on or game ends?

NPC Journals
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